Website Updates and Maintenance

Every Company has a website and most function in a very stable fashion. But what about when you need a new page or you need to update a picture, or change a product? Most Companies do have someone who is designated to look after that problem, but most Companies have long since lost touch with the company that designed their website. That’s where we come in. Web Traffic Strategies Inc. is available to accomplish those little day-to-day tasks that you’ve been postponing because there’s no in-house expert and it isn’t worth the research necessary to search out a professional.

Here are some of those little jobs we do:

If you are interested in getting the most out of your website, we can:

We’re here to help. With 15 years experience developing websites that attract traffic, we can examine your website and tell you if it’s helping you or hurting you and how to change hurting to helping. Call us now, 403-286-7007, and we can get started.