Keyword Popularity Research for Search Engines

Everybody talks about keywords. What are keywords? Well, to put it simply keywords are… well… key words.

Searchers look for products by typing words into the Search Engines. Keyword popularity research, anticipating what these words will be, and correctly reflecting them on your web site is what optimization is all about. It does not mean stuffing them into every nook and cranny of your web site, it means placing them correctly, in the proper proportion.

Keyword Research Starts with You

Before keyword popularity research identifies the most appropriate keywords for your site, we need a list of possibilities. Using that list as a starting point, we research for value. Value means finding words that are used frequently to search for products, but have the fewest competitors possible. That way we have the best chance of being chosen in the search.

Take this example: "lawn tractors" 24.748
"garden tractors" 6.134
"lawn tractor" 2.712
"acreage tractors" 1.565
"small acreage tractors" 1.000
"garden tractor" 0.931
"small tractor" 0.261

All of these “keywords” mean virtually the same thing so it’s critically important that you understand how most people look for this product. If you sell “small tractors” and you use only that wording on your site, you’re going to miss all the people (the majority, in this case) who are looking for “garden tractors”.

Popular Keywords Are Not Always Obvious

Keywords are not always what you would think they would be. In every project I’ve ever worked on, people were looking for a product using words that the proprietor would never have dreamed they’d be using. People are funny.

The wording on your site may not turn out to be exactly what you wanted. Don’t worry about getting you exact message across. The wording is there to attract traffic, and getting it to your site is more than half the battle.

Flying under the Radar in Niche Markets

Although keyword evaluation is critical to success most times, in niche markets the theory sometimes falls apart. To appear in the keyword evaluation database, a search term has to show up at least 3 times in the last 340 million searches. That sounds like a lot, but if you consider every teenage boy in the world, is typing “Jessica Alba” into Search Engines, maybe it’s not so many.

If you’re dealing with a very specialized market, and there are several ways to look for your product, any one search term may not show up that often. This is when we need to take a flier. Half of one of my most successful clients’ keywords has hardly any value at all. Low supply, low demand flies right under the radar, but still works for very specialized markets.

We’ll go with your best guess, and monitor the heck out of your site and harvest search terms from your traffic and incorporate them into your site to get in front of the words people are using to search for your products.