Pay Per Click with Google Adwords

While Organic Search Engine Optimization is basic to attracting visitor traffic, PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is part of any complete web marketing program. Offering pinpoint delivery of the advertising message makes PPC ideal when the market you need to reach is in a specific interest group or geographic region. Pay Per Click advertising can also be regulated by time zones. The flexibility that can be programmed into the advertising campaign ensures that you message is delivered to the appropriate prospects at a time when they are actively searching for your products.

PPC ads are the ads you see listed above search results usually in a colored box labeled “Ads related to…” your keyword. Pay Per Click ads can also be listed along the right hand side of search results

Although there are a number of agencies offering this service, Google Adwords is by far the best program to deliver your message to your target market. Google has an elaborate system for evaluating where and when your ad message is delivered and formatting the program is the key to successful outcomes. Web Traffic Strategies will sit down with you and help you craft your message to deliver the results you need. Part of that service includes suggesting where and when your message is seen, and by whom. The best returns on your advertising investment are earned when the message is delivered only to those searchers who are seriously seeking products like yours.

The main advantage of a PPC program lies in the amount of data collected during the process. Unlike other methods of advertising that promise an audience with no way of assessing exposure, PPC can not only tell you how many people saw your ad, it can also tell you how many people responded to your ad. Fine tuning the process even further can tell you how much each exposure cost you and how many exposures it takes to achieve a successful outcome, whatever your successful outcome is. Feedback such as this will enable the message to be revised to be more effective and as the message is made more relevant, the rate of return will rise.

Although organic search engine optimization of your Website delivers more sustainable Website traffic over time, PPC advertising can deliver quicker results, appealing to the same prospects. For an analysis of your Websites potential for PPC or Organic Search Engine Optimization, contact us today